Priest Trailer: Paul Bettany Tries Saving the World, Again


In last year's Legion, mild-mannered British person Paul Bettany played a fallen angel tasked with saving humanity using an Uzi. As one might have expected, audiences didn't quite buy it: It racked up only $67 million in international box office. (It seemed a bit silly to Vulture, too.) And with that lesson learned, here comes another movie in which Bettany plays a religiously affiliated badass renegade who has to single-handedly face down hordes of evil forces! In Priest, Bettany is fighting vampires, to the disapproval of Christopher Lee but with the aid of subject-matter-experienced Cam Gigandet (Twilight) and Stephen Moyer (True Blood). (Also on hand, as seen in the trailer: crucifixes that turn into ninja swords.) So, second time's a charm for apocalyptic Bettany hero movies? Or does this dude badly need a quiet drama?