Rick Ross Announces New Album; Drake Announces Old Rihanna Relationship


It gets lost in the Kanye West shuffle, but hip-hop's other man of the year in 2010 was certainly Rick Ross. Teflon Don, his fourth studio album in five years, boosted him to an upper echelon of legitimacy, with oodles of respect coming from fans, other rappers, and, amazingly, even critics. At any given time only one man can hold the title of hip-hop's default still-relevant hardest-rapper-alive, and over the past twelve months, despite his previously elucidated disadvantages in the competition, Ross definitively took that crown from Young Jeezy. He'll be building off the groundswell with his just-announced fifth album.

In a conversation with "The Breakfast Club" on Power 105, Ross revealed that he's 60 percent through a release he's calling God Forgives, I Don’t. And to make absolutely sure the news stirs the necessary amount of fervent anticipation, he also dropped “Made Men,” another collaboration with his “Aston Martin Music” pal Drake. Seeing as it's this early in the process, it very well might not even end up on the finished product. So, as far as excitement-baiting throwaways go, this one's tough to quibble with: Over the requisite ominous, slow-bump beat, Ross shares the colorfully creative nicknames he has for his various modes of transportation and, somehow, makes talking about having slumber parties sound badass. The most quoted line, though, will probably belong to Drake: “One of my baddest women I call her Rihanna / [Pause] but that's 'cause her name is Rihanna.” Aw, that's so sweet!

Rich Ross Announces New Album, Drops Drake-Featuring Single [CoS]