Rutger Hauer on Thirteen of His Memorable Performances, From Blade Runner to Hobo With a Shotgun


It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when Rutger Hauer became a cultural icon. The Dutch actor began his career with a series of successful TV shows and films in his home country, often working with his friend, director Paul Verhoeven, which put him on the map. And his performance in Blade Runner as the poetically inclined killer replicant Roy Batty is now legendary, but that film was initially a flop. Despite having appeared in his share of acclaimed art films, Hauer’s appearances in violent genre flicks in the eighties may well have been what cemented his status with a generation of moviegoers. The next couple of weeks will show the still insanely prolific actor at his full range: He’s got two movies at Sundance, including the much-buzzed-about neo-grindhouse flick Hobo With a Shotgun, as well as the drama The Mill and the Cross, about a Brueghel painting. Hauer also appears in this weekend's The Rite, an exorcism thriller co-starring Anthony Hopkins. The actor took some time with us to go through his epic filmography, and give us his thoughts and impressions about some of his best-known (and not so well-known) performances.