Scream 4 Trailer: These People Really Should Start Screening Their Calls


As the Scream 4 teaser proved a few months ago, the iPhone era of horror threatens to change everything, but as the movie's new full-length trailer makes clear, potential victims are still willing to answer their cell phone even if they're getting a call from "Unknown" during a hometown massacre committed by someone who loves killing off dim-bulb teens when they're on the phone. Just let it go to voice mail, guys! Still, aside from the additional layer of meta at play from Ghostface recording his murders for posterity, this definitely feels like an old-school Scream movie (except for another, less welcome layer of meta over the scenes that Courteney Cox and estranged ex David Arquette share). Is that a bad thing? It remains to be seen, though the new trailer is a marked improvement over the teaser, even if it gives away some of the supporting characters marked for demise (Adam Brody, R.I.P.), and even if the movie's biggest mystery is the one they can't show you: How they plan to keep the killer's identity secret through opening weekend now that we have Twitter and Facebook.