Skins Creator: Teens Are Actually ‘Intensely Moral,’ and Some Adults Can’t Handle That


The Parents Television Council is up in arms about Skins, its butt cameo was dubbed "child pornography," and now at least five companies pulled their ads from the series. But in a statement, Skins co-creator Bryan Elsley says they're all wrong: "Skins is a very simple and rather old-fashioned series. It's about how teenagers get through high school, how they deal with their friends, and also how they circumnavigate the complications of sex, relationships, parents, drugs and alcohol. It tries to tell the truth. Sometimes that truth can be painful to adults and parents. We proceed from the idea, not that teenagers are inherently likely to misbehave, but rather that they are intensely moral and disposed to make judgments on their own and others' behaviour. Sometimes, but not always, they get things wrong. Their morals may not be the same as those of their parents and teachers, but they are nevertheless, highly developed. Our approach is not careless. And of course we abide by the law." So suck it, Parents Council. [HR]