Skins Trailer: Is This Enough Wanton Underage Drug Use for You?


In the magazine this week, some dude takes a look at MTV's adaptation of Skins. In the piece, creator Bryan Elslely explains that he picked MTV for the remake because, “[Other networks] were saying, ‘We love the sex, drugs, and rock and roll. And can we have all that without the sex, drugs, and rock and roll?’” Wait, MTV was into all that stuff? Well, at least according to this new trailer (an extended version of one that had previously aired), yes. In just two and a half minutes, we get pills, booze, bathroom make-outs, marijuana being smoked in two or three different manners, lies, shirtlessness, cars with too many passengers, sex toys, and Sleigh Bells, all running backwards for added oomph. This isn't actually a clip from the show, though, but just a scene shot specifically for promo purposes, intended to display the boundaries U.S. Skins is willing to cross. Convinced yet?