Are Sleigh Bells and Diplo Working With Beyoncé?


Diplo said he and Sleigh Bells checked in with Beyoncé last week. On his blog, he wrote: "me and derek and alexis are bros and sis for life. in fact i like sleigh bells so much ... me and switch was in studio in nyc tryin to make tracks with derek and beyonce last week after we played her team their album ... dunno if we gonna manage to finish but was good times." If we understand this correctly, Switch refers to the D.J. and producer, Derek and Alexis refers to Sleigh Bells, and Beyoncé, well, that usually refers to Beyoncé! Sort of confirming the collaboration, Sleigh Bells tweeted today, "yeah damn beyonce on it was intense track may not get finished (?) but we finished the rum off at least #idroppedsomethingg." If it comes together, this could bode well for all of them. [Mad Decent, Phrequency]