Snooki Now Pretending to Regret Hooking Up With Vinny


Snooki and Vinny have chemistry. After smushing in Miami, Snooki went on about everything from Vinny's "good family" to his genital endowment. At the season-two reunion, Vinny noted that he and Snooki will "always have a thing." Earlier this season, however, we found out Vinny slept with Snooki's best friend, and then he coldly rejected Snooki's hot-tub advances and her cuddling invitation, because she was drunk enough to get arrested. But in case you haven't noticed, the sexual mores within this cast are a little fast and loose. If Vinny slept with Angelina, rejecting Snooki's pleas for sex suddenly seems like some of the more thoughtful behavior he's ever exhibited toward a potential hookup. So now Snooks has a new man, and she totally "regrets" hooking up with Vinny, she said today, adding that she believes he regrets it too. But that's okay. Sammi and Ronnie went from romantic to exhausting about two seasons ago, so Vinny and Snooki are poised to become the show's only compelling will-they-won't-they narrative. They're Jersey Shore's Ross and Rachel, or Sam and Diane, if you will. Or, at least, what happens in Italy gets broadcast worldwide, and they'll probably get drunk and make out again. [People]