Did Snooki Write the Phrase ‘A Fart Slipped Out,’ and Other Answers to Pressing Questions About Her Novel


Slate has a very enlightening interview with Valerie Frankel, the woman who collaborated with Snooki on her new novel, A Shore Thing, that answers a number of key questions about the masterwork. Like, how much of this book did Snooki write? Frankel says, “We talked on the phone — she was sequestered because the book was written during season 3. We talked about character, plot ideas, themes included, developed ideas, and went with that. She was reading and commenting along the way. She had tons of great ideas, details I would never have thought of in a million years.” So, not that much writing! But Snooki did really bring it with the ideas: “I can say that she loves Vin Diesel, so that became a recurring leitmotif,” Frankel says. (Please take a moment to relish this brand-new phenomenon, the noun “Vin Diesel” and the modified noun “recurring leitmotif” appearing in the same sentence.) Also asked and answered: Who came up with the description we quoted yesterday, that culminated in the staccato sentences, "A fart slipped out. A loud one. And stinky"? Frankel gives credit where credit is due: "Snooki wanted to have some mean-girl villains, and they spike her Jell-o shot with some laxative, and that's what happens. That was all Snooki’s idea." [Double X/Slate]