Son of No One Trailer: Tracy Morgan’s Unfunny Past Comes Back to Haunt Him


Son of No One, the film closing the Sundance Film Festival next week, is a Serious Crime Drama, from the looks of it. The movie's based on a Dito Montiel book of the same name, and though it might take a second viewing to piece it all together, the plot appears to revolve around a cop, played by Channing Tatum, who lives happily with his stressed but pretty wife, played by Katie Holmes, until a murder that went mysteriously unsolved way back in '86 bubbles up to torture him.

While the trailer — quick cuts, angry wives asking for answers, a Channing Tatum brooding marathon, and the streets of Queens in the eighties — isn't afraid to stick to the conventions of its genre, Tracy Morgan seems to be playing very much against type. Unless the funny bits were just left out of the trailer, Morgan's character, who may be complicit in the mysterious murder, doesn't seem too sunny. Nothing seems very sunny, in fact. Still, with Al Pacino, Juliette Binoche, and Ray Liotta in tow, and Dito Montiel writing the source material and directing, we suspect the movie might be great! But the trailer's so unflinchingly serious, we hope a few of Morgan's funny moments were just cut this time around.