Soul Surfer Trailer: The Most Feel-Good One-Armed Movie Yet


127 Hours was an inspirational thrill of a movie, but many moviegoers stayed away because they were afraid to watch James Franco chop off his arm. The upcoming Soul Surfer ups the ante even further: See this beautiful teenage surfer girl? Well, a shark's gonna bite her arm off, how about that? The first trailer for the Bethany Hamilton biopic downplays that revelation, of course — in fact, there's no dialogue in the trailer at all (perhaps to better serve fledgling co-star Carrie Underwood?) and precious few shots of a post-shark Bethany. Instead, there's some happy music and beautiful sights (blue water, awesome surfing, Dennis Quaid with his shirt off) and it would be just rude to recut this trailer to the theme from Jaws, so please don't do that, YouTube users. [Coming Soon]