T.V. Carpio Replaces Natalie Mendoza As Spider-Man’s Female Lead


T.V. Carpio will replace Natalie Mendoza as villainess Arachne in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, producer Michael Cohl announced Tuesday. Mendoza dropped out of the troubled production last week after sustaining a concussion when a piece of equipment hit her on the head. Carpio, who was previously playing a member of the show's Greek chorus, will make her official debut Tuesday night, but she has played the role in several preview performances already. "When [Carpio] was covering the role, we kept seeing the crowd leap to its feet as she took her bow," Cohl said. "After about the seventh night, we realized we'd be fools not to give her the part." Sad stuff for Mendoza, but it sounds like one actress's injury was, well, another actress's big break! Let's just make sure that it isn't a literal break.

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