Donald Glover Approves of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man


So now that the world's had a few hours to digest the first images of Andrew Garfield as Spidey, one question remains: What does Donald Glover think of said pic? After all, the Community star was the subject of an unsuccessful Betty White–style netroots campaign designed to convince Sony to consider him as Tobey Maguire's replacement. Vulture asked Glover his take on the first shot of Garfield, and he was nothing but kind: "It's kinda dope," he said while onstage Thursday during a Community panel at NBC's portion of the TCA press tour. But Glover said there was a tiny detail in the image that got him most psyched: "You know what the coolest part of it is? He has a backpack, which I think is sick," he said. "The part of Spider-Man I always loved [is]: He's young, and he's dealing with everybody hating him and he's got all this weight on his shoulders. [The backpack] reminds you of how young he is." Young, yes ... "and white!" Community creator Dan Harmon chimed in, before jokingly storming off stage. Meanwhile, in non-Spidey Community news, Harmon says to look for an episode soon about Dungeons and Dragons, as well as a half-hour set entirely in a hospital.