Injured Spider-Man Actor Revealed to Be Adorable, Enthusiastic Surfer Dude


In all of the news about Christopher Tierney, the actor who was seriously injured during a performance of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, one essential piece of information has remained hidden: Tierney is a sweetie pie surfer dude, or at least sounds exactly like one. His interview with CBS News is high-energy amaaaaazing, brah. Among the things you should listen to him say, because there is no correct punctuation to represent his intonation, are about flying around the stage at "like 30 miles an hour which is awesome. It’s crazy. It’s so much fun" and "I went 'ooohhhh Gooooooddd' and I just passed out." Other adorable things he does include crying when he talks about all his visitors and family — "their energy, their love" — and how "I wasn’t scared. These guys know safety. I trust them explicitly, with my life, they don’t mess around." It is so explicit! He just said it! Additionally, Tierney continues to prove he is the least litigious man in America, saying it's all "water under the bridge, forgiven and forgotten ... I’m glad to working to be working on the show. Overjoyed to be working on the show ... Not a single actor in this show has said 'Someone’s gonna die, you need to stop.'" Tierney did seem a little more subdued on his Good Morning America appearance (maybe the painkillers wore off), but still enthusiastic for a guy with a broken back, head, and shoulders.

Tierney on CBS News: