Alert: Dead Birds Now Showing Up on Prime-Time-TV Shows


Sometimes weird coincidences happen on television, like when everyone on NBC decided to dress up as Lady Gaga for Halloween, or when Glee and Modern Family did their religion episodes the same week. This week there's another coincidence going on, but this one is kind of freaking us out: Dead birds have appeared on Parenthood and Cougar Town. Kirk Cameron may deny that God is orchestrating some end-days scenario here, but with flocks of birds falling out of the sky in multiple locations, and now dead birds popping up all over scripted television, the evidence of some supernatural conspiracy is getting harder and harder for people who see scary conspiracies everywhere to deny. (Also, there's a not-quite-dead bird in Gwyneth Paltrow's Country Strong. We're going to have to stop using the word coincidence very, very soon.) So please, check out the dead birds that appeared on Parenthood and Cougar Town this week, and ponder God and His mysterious ways. If He wants a dead bird to appear on Parenthood, maybe He really does care which football team wins the Super Bowl?

Bird drops out of sky on Parenthood!

Bird hits a frying pan on Cougar Town!