The King’s Speech Might Expand to More Theatres As a PG Movie


The King’s Speech's R rating legally bars a big swath of the population from seeing Colin Firth kill it as King George VI, so Harvey Weinstein wants the film reedited to bump its rating down to a PG-13 or PG. “Tom [Hooper] and I are trying to find a unique way to do this that keeps his vision of the movie,” Weinstein admitted. The King’s Speech has already grossed $57 million at the U.S. box office, and it will expand — recut or not — to 3,000 theaters on Valentine’s Day weekend with a new ad campaign "trying to get across that this classic movie is cool." But if it reedits itself down to a more kid-friendly rating, it'll then face the challenge of drawing 13-year-olds to a British historical drama, and getting adults to see a movie without any funny historical slang terms like "bugger" in it anymore. And that's certainly not going to make it any cooler. [Company Town/LAT]