Watch Paz de la Huerta Freak Out in a Deleted Scene From Enter the Void


Gaspar Noé's psychedelic Enter the Void, an immersive drug trip of a film, came out this past September. In the movie, the protagonist takes a "postmortem journey both spatial — moving through the city, looking straight down on its neon-lit streets — and temporal, drifting back in time to the decisive moments of his life," that includes frequent check-ins on his troubled younger sister Linda, played by Paz de la Huerta. In this deleted scene from the film, which will be on SundanceNow on demand starting today, de la Huerta continues to dig deeper into her particular, specific niche. The niche of the "ladies with 'L' names who get hysterical in a piercing voice while conducting business-minded sexual transactions," one she can also be seen burrowing into as Lucy on Boardwalk Empire. (Though, to be fair, in contrast to Lucy, Linda's clothes stay on.) So take a minute, watch the clip, and enjoy de la Huerta's profound commitment to playing this unique type.