Weinsteins Suddenly Care More About Football Than Awards


A few months ago, it seemed like the Best Picture Oscar race was shaping up to be a two horse one between The Social Network, backed by producer Scott Rudin, and The King's Speech, backed by the Weinsteins. But with each awards victory The Social Network has moved further ahead, and we're starting to wonder, are the Weinsteins even trying anymore? An item in "Page Six" today questions their commitment. Apparently the brothers almost missed the Golden Globes after they "locked themselves in a suite at Beverly Hills' Peninsula Hotel with Electus chief Ben Silverman [Editor's note: At least they still keep the best company] and Niche Media's Jason Bin" to watch the Jets-Patriots game. Attendees had to show up to the Globes by 4:30 p.m. or risk being locked out, but Bob Weinstein said, "There was no way I was going to miss a minute of the game. I've waited 43 years for this. We had to rush, but we just made it. It was worth it." Worth missing an opportunity to schmooze Oscar voters, Bob?!?! These football-loving Weinsteins are not the awards sharks we have come to respect and fear. Get your heads in the right game, fellas! [Page Six/NYP]