What Could the Title of Jay-Z and Kanye’s Upcoming Single ‘H.A.M.’ Stand For?


The Internet has been whipped into a whirling ball of anticipatory giddiness by the imminence of “H.A.M.,” the recently announced first single from Jay-Z and Kanye's yeah-we-can't-believe-they-actually-went-through-with-it-either collaborative album, Watch the Throne. Part of the attraction has been that mystique-y title: What does it stand for? While also likely a reference to the practice of “going ham,” the initials have the world guessing. (The most likely suggestion so far? Definitely "Hating Ass Mutherfuckers.") Never one to miss out on a good round of obsessive speculation, Vulture has compiled a list of possibilities. Add your own!

• Hors d'oeuvre and Murcielagos
• Hate All Mondays
• Have a Mint
Harold and Maude
• Hire Aimee Mann
• Have any Magazines?
• Hey, A Monkey!
• Holidays Are Manageable
• Hillel Association of Maryland
• Hardly Any Minaj
• Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc.
• Hardee's Assistant Manager
• Hammer's All Mad