When Drinking With David Lynch, Elisabeth Moss Happily Concedes to Being Called ‘Peggy’


David Lynch is a big fan of Mad Men, he tells ShortList. "They're great characters and whoever cast that show did a sensational job. It's great writing, great atmosphere," he said, adding excitedly, "I had the opportunity to meet Peggy Olsen and Don Draper." Of course, he means Elisabeth Moss and Jon Hamm, right? No. "That's who they are to me. I called Peggy, 'Peggy.'" But did she mind? "No, not a bit. I met them in Cologne, Germany and my wife and I had drinks with Peggy in Paris." Still, Moss apparently dealt with the role-playing well; when asked whether she was as nice as she appears onscreen, Lynch said, "Maybe even nicer." [ShortList]