While Raping Nicole Kidman Onscreen, One Actor Thought of Notting Hill


Stellan Skarsgard has worked with Lars von Trier several times and recently reunited with him for the upcoming film Melancholia. So, what's the famously eccentric director's method like? "You really try to shoot the scenes in different ways and explore the possibilities of the scene," Skarsgard told Collider, adding this example: "For Dogville, when I had to rape Nicole Kidman about five times, in different ways, he suddenly told me, 'Stellan, don't you think you could play it as a romantic comedy?' I thought of Notting Hill and I said, 'Of course, Lars.' And then, I went in and played the scene like a romantic comedy and, of course, the scene didn't work, but one or two lines, because of the different angle of attack, suddenly became very interesting. And then, he just cuts out those and uses them." [Collider]