David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman Shelved


David E. Kelley's anticipated Wonder Woman reboot is being shelved after it failed to land a deal at a broadcast network, owing to "unfortunate timing," Deadline reports. The CW reportedly passed on the pilot, a contemporary (and possibly pants-clad) take on the superhero, after the network decided it couldn't afford the series. Meanwhile, the project was never considered a fit for Fox, and ABC's already developing Marvel properties, including a Hulk series, so it passed too. (Wonder Woman is a DC Comic.) The CBS team was split on the project before passing, and NBC's recent managerial changes would "make it impossible to get the type of license fee [for Wonder Woman] that [Warner Bros.] was seeking." While we'd love to see a racier Wonder Woman on HBO or Showtime, Kelley plans to just hang on to the pilot script for now and postpone the project. [Deadline]