David E. Kelley Is Not Giving Up on Wonder Woman


Alas, David E. Kelley's version of Wonder Woman didn't immediately find a buyer when it was taken out to the broadcast networks earlier this month. But Kelley isn't about to hop into his invisible jet and fly away from the project: He tells Vulture he's not given up on the idea. "The bottom line is, I had a lot of fun writing it and we're still optimistic that we're gonna do it," he told us. "We have a script that Warners and DC are very excited about." So why didn't Wonder Woman fly?

Kelley theorized that the timing might not have been right. Network development season is headed into the homestretch and green-lighting the project now might have required a network to divert a lot of resources very late in the pilot game. "It's a huge project and we just rolled it out last week. It was a bit much to expect people to chew it off for this next season," Kelley said. "But I think everybody's confident that we're gonna see it." Kelley wouldn't talk too much about his take on the Wonder mythology, saying that "it's too complicated to categorize. But that for me was the most fun thing: complicating the character and probing a lot of her human dimension — and not just the superhero." Until then, he'll stay busy with his new NBC series Harry's Law, starring an invisible plane-less Kathy Bates, which bows Mondays at 10 starting January 17.