Aaron Sorkin’s Fictional Keith Olbermann Is Quite the Ladies’ Man


With so many TV shows from The Good Wife to 30 Rock taking recent shots at Aaron Sorkin, we almost forgot about Sorkin's own TV-tackling show, an HBO pilot he wrote about the Keith Olbermann–like host of a cable news channel. The Daily got its hands on the still-untitled script, which Sorkin researched by spending time with Olbermann before the newsman ditched MSNBC for Current; here, the Olbermann stand-in is named "Will McAllister," and he's a network-taunting liberal who likes the ladies. In fact, the show opens with McAllister returning from a sexy St. Lucia vacation with ESPN's Erin Andrews, only to find — in a twist that will surprise no one who has watched an Aaron Sorkin show before — that his show's new executive producer is his former love Mackensie McHale. (Apparently, this pilot will have more grunted "Macs" and "Mcs" than a dinner rush at McDonald's.) [Daily]