Alex Pettyfer Very Confident He’s Hot Stuff


The Hollywood Reporter has a piece on Alex Pettyfer today, the 20-year-old star of I Am Number Four, that suggests he's something of a handful. "Pick your words: ambitious, hungry, cocky, very ahead of himself," a producer says. Apparently while filming Number Four, Pettyfer heard he was making less than another actor and tried to renegotiate his deal, which was for around $250,000. When the studio wouldn't comply, he stopped cashing his checks, a protest he kept up through this past December. Recently, while negotiating to appear in Mortal Instruments, he asked for close to $10 million, a whole lot for an actor whose first big movie isn't even out yet and whose next movie makes him look like he has zippers on his face. While all this makes Pettyfer sound like something of a jerk, less humble than is typical, or becoming, of a young actor, mostly it makes us hope he becomes a star: Imagine what he'd demand if his overconfidence were justified. Double-decker trailers, here we come! [Heat Vision/HR]