Alex Pettyfer ‘Embarrassed’ by His Shirtless Ellen Appearance


With I Am Number Four yet to open, star Alex Pettyfer is still mostly known for three things: dating Glee's Dianna Agron, mulling offers to star in the adaptation of every teen-lit fantasy novel around, and exposing no fewer than 29 abs on national television after intense badgering from Ellen DeGeneres. Of the latter item, he is ashamed, though it's not for the reasons you might think. "Oh my god," Pettyfer moaned to Spinning Platters. "I'm very, very embarrassed. Ellen made me take off my t-shirt! So when you see that, and you see that I'm completely out of shape, please don't laugh!" Clearly, the way to Agron's heart is by replicating the body-image issues of her onscreen boyfriend Chord Overstreet from the Rocky Horror episode of Glee. [Spinning Platters]