Arcade Fire’s Good-naturedness Once Again Called Into Question


Remember when Wayne Coyne hated on Arcade Fire for being really mean in person, then halfheartedly retracted the charges? Vincent Moon — one of Vulture's Fourteen Music Video Directors to Watch — has now belatedly bolstered Coyne's original accusations. Says Moon, who has worked with the band several times, in a new interview: "They're not good people, that's it. And I don't mean the whole band — I mean the leaders of the band and their management ... The way they deal with their business is really disgusting, for me. The way they deal with things is awful. Their management are awful, awful people, and I know what I'm talking about. I have some really terrible stories with them." Ah, come on, Vince, don't stop there! [EyeWeekly via Exclaim]