Arcade Fire’s Manager Fires Back at the Latest Charges of Mean-spiritedness Leveled at the Band


Earlier this week, music-video director Vincent Moon took some shots at Arcade Fire and their staff, saying, among other things, "The way they deal with their business is really disgusting, for me. The way they deal with things is awful. Their management are awful, awful people." Now one member of that staff, manager Scott Rodger, has replied, via a blog's comments section, of course. Take it away, Scott:

Dear Vincent,

I'm one of the so called "not good people". Can we get the camera equipment you stole from the band returned yet? Perhaps if your drug habit could be contained you may actually be able to complete a film. We should have taken advice from our other friends who worked with you who advised us not to. But we thought it would be great. Unfortunately we were wrong. Your move to "art films", that wouldn't by any chance be circumstantial as no one is prepared to hire or commission you any more?

Telling the truth. It's not that hard Vincent.

Now can we get our equipment back?



Vulture beseeches everyone involved to please not stop here: A few more rounds of this kind of spirited chatter may well get us Win Butler smashing a chair over someone's face.

Update: Arcade Fire's Management Responds to Vincent Moon, Accuses Director of Theft [Exclaim]