Are the Pixies Crying Wolf About Recording a New Album?


Ever since they reunited in 2004 in a lucrative tour-only incarnation, the Pixies will regularly bring up the possibility of recording a new album, which would be their first since 1991's Trompe le Monde. The thing is, the band might not actually like each other enough to do so: Bassist Kim Deal has said that a new album is “something to bring up whenever [front man Frank Black] needs press." This time, though, it's the other guys chattering. Guitarist Drummer David Lovering: "It's still up in the air. We've been talking about this for about three years now, actually. I don't know if it will come to fruition; I'm waiting and waiting to see what will happen. All I can say is if there is one, it better be good. We'd really have to work at it." Guitarist Joey Santiago: "We're waiting for that, like, 'a-ha!' moment. I'm already there. It's just a matter of timing and everything aligning. There's days where I think it could happen and other days I go, 'The shit's never gonna happen.'" Vulture is siding with the latter. [Billboard]