Arthur Trailer: Russell Brand Needs You to Look After Him


Yesterday brought the trailer for Hop, a family comedy that presented Russell Brand in an unfamiliar warm and fuzzy context, but today's trailer for Arthur has Brand back to his old tricks: sparring with his The Tempest co-star Helen Mirren, wringing laughs from outrageous onscreen wealth, and dropping articulate one-liners as though it were nothing. In this remake of the Dudley Moore comedy, Brand plays the spoiled Arthur, who's looked after by nanny Mirren and hotly pursued by the wrong-for-him Jennifer Garner, all the while pining for Greta Gerwig. We laughed twice — once at a German joke and once when Garner got gonged by magnets. (We are suckers for magnet-related humor.) So, promising? There's just one thing, marketers: Though she may not be a huge star yet, it wouldn't kill you to up the Gerwig quotient a little bit. [Yahoo]