Bad Teacher Red-Band Trailer: Cameron Diaz Wants to Do Something Profane to Justin Timberlake


Bad Teacher — a hard-R comedy scripted by the prolific duo Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg (The Office) — feels like the kind of raunchy, over-the-top movie Cameron Diaz used to make all the time. At some point she drifted away from that late-nineties/early-aughts bread and butter (although one could argue that 2008's What Happens in Vegas counts). But now, apparently, she's back. And we gotta say: It's a good look! Diaz plays the title character, a sullen drunkard who couldn't care less about her pupils and is on the hunt for a sugar daddy. Justin Timberlake, in his ubiquitous nerd glasses, plays the well-intentioned substitute with a family fortune whom Diaz is targeting; Jason Segel is the goofy gym teacher whom Diaz spurns (and probably ends up with once she realizes the errors of her ways?). In this red-band trailer, there's lots of swearing, lots of Phyllis from The Office, a weird subplot about a boob job that is hopefully not as crucial a part of the movie as the clip makes it seem, some solid cracks ("Is that marijuana?" "No, it's medicinal marijuana." "Oh. Feel better!"), and two great shots of people getting blasted in the face with a rubber ball. Stupnitsky and Eisenberg's Year One was a drag, but this clip is enough to get us re-excited for their Ghostbusters III script.