Banksy’s Not Going to Be Allowed Onstage at the Oscars


In what is clearly a move meant to undermine the potential enjoyability of this year's Oscars, Academy president Tom Sherak and executive director Bruce Davis, henceforth to be known as "killjoys," have crafted a plan to keep Banksy, and his monkey mask and/or other image-distorting costume, from taking the stage should his film Exit Through the Gift Shop win Best Documentary. At the Oscar nominees luncheon, the killjoys and Exit producer Jaimie D’Cruz "huddled" up to discuss potential scenarios. According to Sherak, they decided "that it might be a good idea that if [Banksy] did win, one of them would accept in his place — that it would not be dignified for the Academy to have somebody come up wearing a monkey's head" and D'Cruz should accept instead. Well, it may not be dignified, but a guy in a monkey mask giving a speech at the Oscars? Are you kidding? Automatic highlight of the show. Opportunity missed, Academy. [Wrap via Carpetbagger/NYT]