Banksy May Get to Accept an Oscar After All


Earlier this month, Academy president Tom Sherak noted "it would not be dignified to have somebody come up wearing a monkey's head" or other extreme disguise, so if Banksy wins an Oscar for Exit Through the Gift Shop, someone should accept it in his place. Now, however, the Academy seems to be backing down, and Tom "Killjoy" Sherak admits he won't really be enforcing an anti-Banksy policy. "Listen, he’d run right over me," Sherak said. "I’m not gonna stand up to stop him. Nobody is, that’s not what we do. Would this be fun? I guess to some people. I get it.” Since new work by Banksy has suddenly been showing up around L.A., it's starting to seem like this will-he/won't-he buzz is just building up to an epic Oscars stunt in which Banksy accepts an award by literally running over Academy president Tom Sherak while wearing a monkey mask. Awesome. [Race/HR]