Bill O’Reilly Visited the Set of Glee


Here's something you don't expect Bill O'Reilly to say every day. "I was on the set of Glee last night," revealed the Fox news commentator, who has taken issue with the show in the past. "And I want to thank all of the Glee people for being so nice to us. A lot of fun." On set Twitter reports indicate that O'Reilly showed up during the regionals episode (no doubt intending to get spoiled, OMG), and though some speculation had it that he'd be playing a judge at the competition, Vulture hears he was just there for a set visit with his 11-year-old daughter Madeline. Still, his presence made one unlikely person very happy: Kathy Griffin, a guest star in the episode who got to introduce O'Reilly to her worshipful mother. "Kathy Griffin's mom is shaking hands with Bill O' Reilly. #thisishappening #crowdgoingnuts," tweeted TV Guide's Denise Martin. [TV Squad]