Bruce Vilanch Thinks a Fatter Ricky Gervais Might Have Been a Better Host


Yesterday, Anne Hathaway distanced herself from Ricky Gervais's brand of scathing Golden Globes hosting, and today, it's Bruce Vilanch's turn. "I mean, he never hit funny," the longtime Oscar writer told the AV Club. "Making jokes about The Tourist is just not funny; it's just kind of mean-spirited and cruel. I think that partially is that he lost his cuddly [look] — he was heavier and befuddled and kind of looked a bit lost [last year], and this year, he came out and he was like a shark. He took his jacket off, and his body's all worked out, and it's not a sympathetic character up there. He was just a mean kind of player. Plus, I thought his targets were lame. I mean, Charlie Sheen and how old Bruce Willis is? I mean, this is old stuff. Scientology and who's gay and who's not? This is not fresh target material to make jokes about. All you can be is outrageous — you're not going to be funny. All you're going to get is a lot of 'oooooohhhhh.' And that's what he got. He got a lot of 'oooooohhhhs.'" [AV Club]