Cameron Diaz Ruins Young Lives in the Red Band Trailer for Bad Teacher


Here’s the first (red band) trailer for Bad Teacher, the new movie written by Gene Stupinsky and Lee Eisenberg (The Office, Year One, Ghostbusters 3) that stars Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Jason Segel and Phyllis Smith (Phyllis from The Office). The plot looks to center around Diaz as a foul-mouthed and kid-hating teacher who ends up changing her ways in order to win a teaching competition and save up enough money for a boob job in order to impress substitute dreamboat Timberlake. You know, normal high school stuff. Premise aside, this looks pretty densely packed with jokes and has a great cast. We’ll see! In any case, we’ve got plenty of time to ponder the potential of this one, as it doesn’t hit theaters until June 24th. [via]