Carlton Cuse to Script Hugh Jackman Film


Carlton Cuse's career has perked up since, after ending Lost, he was offered a TV show about a hot dolphin trailer (which he turned down to develop a presumably less bikini-heavy series about the Civil War), as Deadline reports that Cuse has been brought on board to write an untitled action adventure for Hugh Jackman that will reunite him with his rock-em-sock-em Real Steel director Shawn Levy. Meanwhile, Cuse's ex-partner Damon Lindelof continues to work on the Star Trek sequel and Ridley Scott's Prometheus; while we know the two probably want a break after six years of working together on Lost, how long will we have to wait until the next Lindelof/Cuse project? Carlton, be careful: Take too much time away from Damon at your own peril, because when you're ready to rekindle things, he might be married to Juliet all of a sudden. Real talk. [Deadline]