Nick Offerman Picks His Favorite ‘Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson’


If you're friends with Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman, you can lay off the texts and e-mails: Yes, he knows about the popular new Tumblr based on his character, Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson. "I guess it was about two days ago, I was suddenly plagued by 40 different people sending it to me, saying, 'I assume you've seen this,'" Offerman says. He's pleased that it's become such a viral sensation, and though he admits that he's never thought of Ron Swanson as particularly feline, Offerman says he's flattered to be compared to members of the animal kingdom: "One of my favorite reviews called me ursine, in a play in which I appeared nude." While the character might not be a fan of these domesticated kitties — "I think Ron likes cats in the wild," Offerman suggests — the actor was all too happy to select some of his favorite submissions, and he even attempted to explain to Vulture what gives these cats the Ron Swanson je ne sais quoi.