Channing Tatum Is the Best Camping Buddy Ever


Were you already charmed by Channing Tatum and his affable willingness to talk about burning his junk and romancing Jamie Bell? Well, you have not read anything yet — at least not until you read about his adorable, up for anything, heavy tequila drinking, sleeping in a Snuggie, overnight camping adventures with none other than Intel Jessica in the latest issue of GQ. Highlights include Tatum referring to Jagermeister as "nectar of the gods," revealing that he is a frequent practitioner of "Spontaneous Home Invasion," getting peer-pressured into smoking weed with some strangers, and seeming like the rare celebrity who does not find being interviewed a torturous task, and also has a knack for getting in the best kind of trouble. Oh, and Steven Soderbergh would totally be down to direct a movie about Tatum's time as a stripper. In short, you should put getting drunk and going on an overnight trip with Channing Tatum on your bucket list and cross your fingers. [GQ]