Charlie Sheen Flew Baseball Stars to His House to Watch Major League


Charlie Sheen has repeatedly said that he's ready to go back to work on Two and a Half Men, especially because he tends to get into trouble when he's not shooting; still, production doesn't resume on the sitcom for another week. What should he do with his free time and considerable resources in the interim? How about this: According to TMZ, Sheen flew baseball stars, including Kenny Lofton, Todd Zeile, Lenny Dykstra, and Brian Wilson, to his house on Friday for a private screening of his movie Major League, which they watched in his private theater (presumably while downing chocolate milk, Sheen's recommended beverage for crack-averse baseball players). And hey, why not? The site also reports that "Pete Rose was supposed to show ... but got stuck somewhere and couldn't make it," which is probably for the better. [TMZ]