Chuck Lorre Will Take a Break From Writing Vanity Cards


Having just recently told the world, "If Charlie Sheen outlives me, I'm gonna be really pissed" on one of his post-episode vanity cards, Two and Half Men creator Chuck Lorre announced, via vanity card, that he is taking a break from writing vanity cards: "It was more fun writing these things when I was fairly certain no one was reading them. That is no longer the case. These days it seems like every vanity card is getting scrutinized and criticized by network executives, corporate legal departments and publicity departments, TV journalists and tabloid bloggers. Believe it or not, my musings have been both cheered and jeered by TV Guide! But lately it's gotten out of hand. Which is why I've decided to take a break for a few weeks ... " Instead of writing text, Lorre will air images of his "innocuous" body parts. He started with an elbow — perhaps next he could photograph his octagon? [Chuck Lorre]