The Many Scarves of Darren Aronofsky


Last night, awards season came to an end, and with it our endless opportunities to see Natalie Portman's growing baby bump, Helena Bonham Carter's inspired reaction shots, Melissa Leo's always-on-the-verge-of-going-off-the-farm acceptance speeches, and, saddest of all, Darren Aronofsky's endless parade of scarves. See, the Black Swan director is a scarf man, meaning, a man who wears scarves. He has been a scarf man for many years, and, one assumes, will be one for many more, but these past six months — since Black Swan premiered at the Venice Film Festival at the start of September — have been a climactic stretch for his look: Scarves are one thing when you wear them with T-shirts; they reach the next level when paired with $10,000 suits. So please, check out Aronofsky's bold sartorial experiments with gray neckwear, and ponder just how sharp he would look in an ascot.