Elektra Luxx Trailer: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Loves Porn


In 2009, a small movie that had made the festival rounds called Women in Trouble, about eight women in, yes, trouble, opened in a few theaters. Now, just because, there's a sequel. Elektra Luxx picks up with some of the characters from the earlier film, namely Carla Gugino, who stars as the titular retired porn star who is now a mom. As it is with all retired cons, she's "pulled back in" for one last seduction, but, seeing as this is a comedy, things go wrong and she ends up shagging Timothy Olyphant. (So things go "wrong.") Meanwhile, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is doing trailer exposition as an earnest, Luxx-supporting "sex blogger." It appears his character gets a romantical story line with Malin Ackerman, but who exactly her character is, or how she and Gordon-Levitt are tied to the rest of the cast, is hard to figure out. The whole thing seems like a trifle, but we like both Gugino and Gordon-Levitt enough to totally watch this when it's available streaming on Netflix.