Without Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump Feels Free From All That Attention


A newly svelte Patrick Stump, Fall Out Boy singer-songwriter, is releasing his solo album, Soul Punk, this month. Stump once lamented, "I basically cut myself off from friends, family, and the world at large to have my work pared down to Pete [Wentz]'s genitals." So what does he have to say about the band now? "When I look at Joe [Trohman]'s band, The Damned Things or whatever, he would play me those songs as a demo for Fall Out Boy, and I'd be like, 'It's awesome, but it's hard rock.' There were songs I'd write and the way the band worked, my lyrics weren't really ... it just didn't fit. As far my solo act versus the band, it's kind of a shame the two have to ever be related. I don't know that I was comfortable with that level of attention. You don't want to dumb what you do down, but you don't want to disappoint anybody. Hopefully going out as myself gives me freedom." Stump's single — "As Long As I Know I'm Getting Paid," about making art solely for money — sounds a bit like one big Fall Out Boy dis. (He said it's satirical.) But it also sounds a lot like a Fall Out Boy song. In a good way! [RS]