Glee’s Original Songs Not That Original Sounding


The March 8 episode of Glee will feature two original songs, intended to blow away the competition at regionals and possibly bring in even more money for Fox — no licensing fees! — but you can hear the tracks already. The first song, "Get It Right," is a Lea Michele ballad turned anthem. (Opening lyrics: "What can you do when your good isn't good enough / all that you touch tumbles down / because my best intentions keep making a mess of things ... / how many times will it take for me to get it right?") Michele predictably Streisand/Garland/Minnelli's out for the first half of the track, but the song doesn't come together until the two-minute mark, when the bridge begins, the rousing, um, orchestral violins come in, the lyrics gets energetic ("So I throw up my fists / throw a punch in the air"), and the rest of the Gleeks turn into an uplifting gospel choir. It's not unique, but it sure does sound like a radio-ready modern rock number. The second song, "Loser Like Me," written by Max Martin, is straight bubblegum pop. It's an Avril Lavigne B-side with a "Hey Mickey" breakdown, though the lyrics are pure Glee, all forget-the-bullies, embrace-who-you-are talking points. ("Go ahead and hate me and run your mouth / so everyone can hear / Hit me with the worst you got and knock me down / Baby I don't care / You want to be / You want to be / A loser like me.") Whatever you make of the songs on a first listen, it was smart of Glee to leak them so early. By the time the show actually airs, maybe we'll be so familiar with the tracks we'll just sing along, instead of thinking about all the other songs they could be performing instead.

"Get It Right"

"Loser Like Me"