Glenn Beck Fears Muse’s Grammy Performance Was ‘a Call for Revolution’


If there's anything Glenn Beck loves more than Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, it's the British rock band Muse. "Amazing," he tweeted about their last album. "These guys are right on the money. Lyrics on target, talent off the charts. They 'get it'." Now, though, Beck finds himself in the awkward position of renouncing his love, since Muse's performance at the Grammys last night included dancing protesters and the famous picture taken of Prince Charles and Camilla while their car was attacked by students in London. "You have basically a call for revolution by this group," said Beck on his radio show this morning, though he added helpfully, "Now you have to remember that these are Europeans and they have been degraded for a very long time, really since the beginning of time. They have had very few glimpses of real freedom." [HuffPo]