Good-bye From a Vulture!


So long, everybody! After three and a half terrific years, today was my last day at Vulture and New York Magazine. I'm sad to be leaving, but there's nothing I'm prouder of than having helped nurture this blog from the scrappy, two-man Cavemen fansite it was in 2007 into the comprehensive, culture-devouring, page-view monster it is today. Where am I going? As a couple of you may have heard, I'm headed to Los Angeles to work on Bill Simmons's new sports and pop-culture site, which will launch sometime this spring. How can we stay in touch? I'm on Twitter, and I have tentative plans to start a Tumblr. Who would I like to thank for making this the best job ever? All Vultures past and present, everyone here at New York, David Archuleta, Ben Silverman, Josh Bednarsky, M. Night Shyamalan, the cast of Kid Nation, Vampire Weekend, Nazi Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman's thumbs, Willem Dafoe's genitals — and you, the Vulture reader. Thanks!