Gwyneth Paltrow Keeps Trying Hard at the Grammys


Look, if Lady Gaga is going to forsake the muppets for an egg, that's on her. Gwyneth Paltrow and Cee Lo, they are going to do their part for those adorable puppets, not only singing "Forget You" on the Grammys with them, but actually, basically, dressing up and behaving like them as well. For their performance, Cee Lo decked himself out like a technicolor Thanksgiving turkey, with some anachronistic knight's armor for flair, and then jammed out on the piano until Paltrow burst onto the stage looking like Sandy from Grease, post-makeover, in a skin tight black get-up, accented by a pair of long, hot pink earrings Miss Piggy would totally compliment, and then insult, once Paltrow was safely out of earshot. (That Miss Piggy, she can be two faced.) As she proved on Glee, when singing "Forget You," Paltrow is nothing if not game, and here she was almost derangedly so. She tried to sing the hell out of it, getting extremely breathy and brassy, and really enunciating the word "ass" (which you can say on the Grammy telecast, apparently), before mounting Cee Lo's piano and writhing around on it. (Paltrow had the decency to make getting from horizontal to vertical, while on top of a piano in six inch heels, look exactly as difficult as it probably is.) Still, this Gwyneth persona — the loose, batty, anything goes lady — remains our favorite Gwyneth, even if she tries too hard and is difficult to reconcile with that GOOP lady, who, really, wouldn't like those earrings either. You stay crazy, girl.