Happy Friday: Radiohead Drops The King of Limbs a Day Early


How do you top the surprise announcement that your brand new album is totally done and will be out on the internet later in the week? You surprisingly release it a day before you said you were going to surprise release it! Okay, no, Radiohead dropping The King of Limbs today instead of its scheduled tomorrow isn't that crazy. But, you know — go, now, get it! It costs $48 for the fancy deluxe edition that comes with the vinyl edition and "Many large sheets of artwork" and ships in May; otherwise, you can cop the MP3s for $9. Not quite as good as free, but we'll take it. Also available: a video for the new track "Lotus Flower," featuring Thom Yorke's wondrously spastic dance moves, a bowler hat, and little else. Enjoy that for now, then come back later on today for Vulture's take on Limbs. [Pitchfork]