Happy Ned Ryerson Day!


Today is the annual American holiday known as Groundhog Day, which means the Internet has all the reason it needs to call up Stephen Toblowsky — better known as the movie Groundhog Day's classic insurance man, Ned Ryerson — and have him talk about Groundhog Day. He gave Moviefone three funny stories tangentially related to the flick, and this one's our favorite: “I was in the Bahamas shooting [a] movie ... A family got on the elevator. The husband did a double take when he saw me and asked what I was doing here. I said, 'Working.' He said, 'You're kidding — you guys have gone international?' I said, 'We go where they tell us to go.' He was very impressed. Then he started asking questions about his policy. I got a little lost and apologized. I told him I wasn't sure what he was talking about. He said, 'You signed me to a big life insurance policy.' He was certain. Finally his wife intervened and said, 'No, honey. This isn't our real insurance man; he was the insurance man in that movie.'” And there's actual real-world Stephen Toblowsky news, too! The legend will be appearing on an upcoming episode of Community, as a professor teaching a class on Who's the Boss? who goes head-to-head with pop-culture geek Abed.

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